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Throughout the years Pé has guided many ‘blindwalks’, a sensibility work she initially discovered through her engagement in the bodyweatherwork of Tanaka Min. Later she analysed and developped it in her own way. These outdoor walks widen the sensory perception, invite to observe the body and provoke the imagination. They are source of a tremendous information for the professional performer as they have a strong therapeutic value. As these natural processes are researched, the workshops definitely favor a mixture of ages, of levels and of interest.

When ‘received’, these blindfold journeys are intense experiences dealing with ‘delivery,’ ‘states of the mind’, new perceptions of space and time, and the development of a refined and sensitive body consciousness. When ‘given’, the active participant develops his/her imagination while using ‘nature’ as a concrete source to find new spaces, time, body qualities for the other to move in. Equally he/she learns how to ‘deserve’ the confidence of his blindfolded companion, and he/she finds out about the importance of generosity and clarity with the other’s body. This constant shift between activity and passivity creates a fluid dynamics. Through the repetition of the blindfolded walks one discovers new dimensions but also significant blockages (e.g. blurring and sharpening of space and time, fear of both the unknown and the partner) but also learns to appreciate and even to master inner excitement and stillness, and he/she disovers the different layers of mental and physical submission or resistance to the experience.

These workshops, as well in nature as in the city, favor in the first place the experience and the time to study and observe the processes of the body and the mind. Only in a second phase these qualities are used to develop a dance.

Min Tanaka developed as an important element in his ‘body weather work’ (the body is unpredictable like the weather) a series of seven so-called ‘manipulations’. They are based on yoga, but are worked out in a dynamic partnership, with particular attention to the large breathing and a generous yet simple and efficient way to work with the hands on the body of the other. As in bodyweather, but in a non–orthodox way, we alternate the sensibility walks with this kind of bodywork.

These workshops are held in a private training garden in the countryside of Bruges. There is a small shelter house with gas and water, but no electricity. As there are also walks hold late at night, the participants are asked to stay overnight and bring a tent and enough warm clothes.

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