With this work P. mixes dance, rooted therapeutic bodywork and eco gardening into a organic visual installation. Along the river Lys, on the wonderful site of Leilekkerland in Kortrijk, soil and body meet. Solid and gently, but also softly bleeding. Land and bodies have suffered. How to cure ? how to take care ?

Amidst the generosity of plants and the work of gardeners you perceive : Dancer’s bodies, intensely quieted down. Installations. Sustainable, in surprising compositions, the sound of the saxophone, sometimes synchronizing with movement. You discover blindfolded bodywork, for many kind of bodies.
If you wish, you can receive a blind walk through the garden.

Since many years, blind walks are an essential element in dance training as by choreographer and philosopher Petra Sandra Vermeersch. They teach you how to really surrender to the body, to a deep and unexpected perception of matters and sounds in natural and urban surrounding. To everyone, they can be a great physical experience.

This choreographic installation wants to make the empathic flow visible between nature, therapy , art, between gardening, bodywork and dance.

With Bertel Schollaert, sax
Sarah Michel, Ilya Krouglikov, Mira Walschot, Rebecca Rosseel, Sofie Remmerie, Alejandro P. Russo, Sylvianne Luyckx, Johan M. Vandewalle.

Choreography, bodywork , installation : petra sandra vermeersch bodywork developped from researching the teachings of and with Tanaka Min